Walking in Good Works



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We know that acts or deeds do not bring us salvation. But through salvation, Jesus created the me (and the you) that wants to serve. It is God’s plan that salvation results in acts of service. We were not saved only for our own benefit, but to serve and to build up the church.

During word study, I found the following definitions:

created: an act of God, only God can make what was not there before, pleasing to God

works: actions, behaviors, deeds

beforehand: decreed by God

walk: conduct my life, walk about without argument

Using the definitions, I might say, or pray this back to God:

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Don’t you love the thought that God decreed before You existed that good works would be a part of your life? Also, did you notice that the verse does not say so that we could walk in them, but so that we would walk in them?

I made wearable art to remind myself of this. This green shirt was an amazing bargain at Salvation Army for $1.50. If you have a plain t-shirt and a bleach pen, you can do this project in under an hour.

You will need:


board (I used a foam board from the Dollar Store)

Bleach Pen

stick of chalk


rag or paper towel

paring knife


Scan 1

Print the pattern. Feel free to grow or shrink it if you like.


Put the shirt on the board. Tape it down so the fabric will not move. Tape the sleeves to the backside so they can’t flip forward into your wet bleach gel.


To transfer the pattern to the shirt, I used a piece of white chalk. With a paring knife, I whittled one end into a point. It makes it easier to trace the pattern lines.

Lay your printed pattern on your work surface. Trace all of the lines with your chalk. Turn the paper chalk side down on the center, top of the shirt. Using just your hands, rub over the back of the paper.


This transfers the pattern lines.


Shake your bleach pen. Squeeze some onto the paper towel. If the bleach is not coming out like a white gel, shake it until it does. Trace all of the chalk lines with the bleach gel. The bleach will absorb the chalk. I work as quickly as I can without making a mess. Then I let my shirt sit for no longer than 20 minutes. If you let the bleach sit longer on your shirt, it will eat the fibers of the fabric and you will have holes after a couple washings.


After 20 minutes, remove the tape. Carefully slide the shirt off the board. Rinse all of the gel off the shirt.

Challenge! Here is a challenge for you. I did not do this, but am going to try it. Print the verse on the back of the t-shirt with your bleach pen!

Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too. (Philippians 2:4)