Summer Art from the Word


This month, it has been a delight to teach a women’s class using the Helping Stones concept. The class is on the 5 Tuesday nights in July. Every night, we do a 30 minute devotional and chat about what we are learning and the things in it that we can apply to our lives.



These are some of the projects and we made to remind us of God’s words we are reading and studying….and also some of the awesome women who came each week and helped me feel comfortable at the front of the class.


 One night, we even had a little Reader’s Theater in which Bonnie was a shepherd. I am sure the fabulous prop helped her stay in character.





This past week, God reminded us that guarding our hearts is a very important responsibility that have been given to us. 

 Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 1.40.38 PM

We have taken that to heart. By making visual art reminders of what we are learning, or remembering, we are keeping God’s word close to us.

Several of the class members have told me what a great encouragement it is to see that piece of art hanging on the wall. Every time they walk by, it reminds them of God’s love, or God’s gifts.

Love one another (John 13: 34),