Chalk it Up!


One of the main points of Art from the Word is to keep God’s word a constant in our lives by helping us to remember it. Being able to physically see God’s word helps accomplish that. How about writing God’s word on the wall….well, on a chalkboard?


This is an easy project that has a lot of room for your creativity and style.

You will be able to write the verse of the day, or the verse of the week on it. Put it in a place that you will see it, and then read it or repeat it to yourself when you walk by. It works for kids, too!


This is basically what you need:

  • background board – I started with a 16″ x 20″ burlap covered board. I got it 80% off at Michaels, and could not resist it. You can use any board, cover it with paper or fabric or paint. You can also make it any size.
  • unfinished wood laser cut frame – about the same size as your background board.
  • small chalkboard that will fit inside the frame – I started with a scrap piece of wood and painted it with chalkboard spray paint. You could use a pre-made chalk board, a write on wipe off board, or a cork board.
  • acrylic paint for your frame
  • flat paintbrush to do the painting
  • Glue to put the pieces together. I used E6000. I love that stuff. Or, you can use a glue gun.
  • wire or ribbon (optional for hanging your chalkboard)
  • Drill to make holes in the top corners (if you are using wire or ribbon to hang it)
  • sawtooth hanger (optional, can go on the back to hang it)


You probably don’t need instructions for this. Just get all of the pieces ready: paint the frame, paint the chalkboard if you are doing it that way, cover or paint the background board if you don’t buy a ready-made. Glue all of the pieces together. Let the glue dry. Hang it up.

Notice my polka dots? I applied them with the end of my brush handle and a linen color paint. Dip into the pain, print on the frame. Really easy.

Be strong and courageous,