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Kim Ballor/Art from the Word

Good grief, I have reached the point where I can’t remember things. I really prefer to think of it as my memory being full of good knowledge and wisdom, not as an age problem or anything…. Knowing a little bit about learning styles, I know that I learn best when I can combine the material to be learned, with some physical movement. I started visual journalling to help me remember what I learned in bible studies. Then I branched out into jewelry, wall art, and other art pieces to help me remember.

You would not believe how much comes back to you when you put on a bracelet made during your bible study.

My background is varied. I have degrees in dance and theater, and communications with an emphasis in ministry. I have worked as a teacher, author, designer, new product developer, and a whole slew of ridiculous things I no longer discuss unless bribed. My body of work is in the art/craft industry and I have done and taught nearly every kind of craft alive. And some dead ones.

I hope you enjoy my blog. Here I write my thoughts on life applications I find when reading God’s word. And, I also create the visual reminders I need to help me remember. I encourage you to try the projects, and print out any of my patterns for your own use. Send me pics of what you make and tell me what it helps you remember. I would love to see how your creativity plays a part in what you make!

Sign up for emails on the home page. Email me, leave comments. It is so good when we discuss our thoughts and ideas.

Read. Create. Remember.


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