His Name


If I were to say to you that the reason we celebrate Christmas sometimes gets lost in the craziness of the holiday… that would be an understatement, right? So I am not going to say that. That is a given. It is pretty hard to skip the presents, decorations, parties, and cookies that come with Christmas, especially if you have kids.

In light of that, I am trying this year to find some meaningful takeaways that I can keep after Christmas…not counting a depleted bank account and exhaustion.

This verse in Isaiah popped right into my mind. It is a prophesy from the Old Testament. For us, it is not a prophesy, but a reality in our lives. Everyday. Not just looking toward Christmas or during our Christmas day celebration, but every day.

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A name is not always just a name. Sometimes a name is a mark of individuality, or it tells about reputation. It can indicate a specific character or make a statement about a person. The child in Isaiah 9:6 who grew up to be the salvation of the world, has many names: Jesus, The Christ, Messiah, the Lamb, the Light of the World, Emmanuel…you probably know several more. And here are four more names. Let’s look at the importance of them. I did word studies on them, hoping that looking them up in the original Hebrew might give us some cultural insight.


Wonderful Counselor

Wonderful: God’s annointed continuing the marvelous acts of God

Counselor: one who advises, and gives good advice


Mighty God

Mighty: a strong, upright man. In the context of battle, it means proven warrior. In the context of a king, it means the strength of His kingdom.

God: Supernatural provision and power. This name is often used with another: God Almighty, the God of Israel, etc.


Everlasting Father

Everlasting: eternity, no beginning and no end, forever

Father:  A title of respect…teacher, advisor, protector. Position of status, worthy of honor. Sometimes describes the adopted relationship. Of course, when we become followers of Jesus, we are adopted right into the kingdom of God. Side note: How interesting that Father is the very first word in my Hebrew concordance.


Prince of Peace

Prince: Captain, chief, ruler, governor, principal, commander, leader, judge

Peace: Safe, well, happy, health, prosperity, welfare, tranquility, unharmed. Completeness, to be whole. A harmonious state of the soul and mind.

How is this verse and what it is teaching us usable in our every day lives?

  •  Having a day that is a mess, confusing, crazy, don’t know what to do or where to go? Jesus gives good advice. Ask Him.
  • Feeling beat up, picked on, too small to tackle it on your own? Jesus is a proven warrior who will go before you in the battle. His strength is as big as the Kingdom of God. Invite Him.
  • Need a reminder of who you are? Your importance? How much you are loved? Jesus is your Father, your teacher, your protector. Forever. You are a daughter of the King. Draw close to Him.
  • Life is absolutely crazy, can’t get caught up, you feel lost, upset, worried over something or everything? Feel like your life is missing something? Can’t sleep because of it? Jesus completes you. Walk with Him.


I made these tags as a reminder of the message in Isaiah 9:6. This week, I also made them with a delightful group of Moms. I took a ton of pictures of their tags, and then my camera card broke in two as I was transferring the pods. BAH! I only recovered a couple.


My four tags are made on formica chips. They could be cardboard, plastic, paper, whatever you have. I covered one side with scrapbooking paper…and the other side with ivory cardstock. I wanted to be able to write the things that inspired me about these 4 names of Jesus, on the back.



I printed out the 4 names of Jesus from the verse, on ivory cardstock. We glued one to each of our tags. We even had doe brass hearts with which to embellish. It was fun to see how each person in class combined the papers, and strips and hearts.



Now we each have our tags strung on ribbons. I use mine a bible bookmark. The ladies in class had definite ideas of where to keep theirs so they would be visible and remind them of this life application from the word of God.

Go boldly to the very throne of God (Hebrews 4:16)

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