5 Minute Friday: Because


Five Minute Friday!

I have 5 minutes. Why? Because!


My employment situation is a negative mess. While I am grateful to have a job, I am not a good fit to the position or the management style. There are some days that I have to get up from my chair, walk out the door, and take a trip around the warehouse while praying. It is emotionally draining. Many Many days I ask God, “WHYYYYYYYYYYYY???”

It has been 10 months, and just this week, this nerve wracking week, I began to get some answers from God.

“Because, you draw nearest to me when you can’t fix your situation by yourself.”

“Because, I am using this frustrating place to speak to you. You can hear me, don’t pretend you can’t.”

“Because there are some people there that need to speak to you about me every day, and you have found yourself needing the encouragement of those fellow believers each day. Right?”

“Because. I don’t have to explain all of My plans to you. Just trust Me.”

While it encourages me to hear God in this, it has not made the job or the work place any easier….yet…it was a bear of a week.  I have a lot of self searching to do before that happens, I am sure. But He is right, I do hear Him talking to me. I’ll happily take that as my starting place!


Trust Him with all your heart (Psalm 28:7),

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 7.47.06 PM




10 thoughts on “5 Minute Friday: Because

  1. I really appreciate how you express God’s word in images. That must be comforting after a hard day at work. I shall listen a little more intently today to hear Him in the hard moments of my day. Thank-you, A FMF friend.


  2. I am so sorry that your job presents such difficulty at this time. May you continue to seek God & go to Him for what you need each day BECAUSE He is so faithful to keep us strong to meet each day. Visiting from FMF & it was my first time here 🙂 May He shine His face upon you today!


  3. hi kim, i can so identify with your situation! a few years back i needed a job. (I’m a nurse.) it wasn’t hard to get a job, but i wanted one that i enjoyed. i tried and tried for the ones i would like and none of them worked out. i got a job i tho’t i would like ok but it was much more physically demanding than i expected. i kept looking and praying for something different.

    i couldn’t understand why God would answer my prayers. a book on prayer that has proved very helpful and challenging, suggested that if my prayers aren’t answered, i start looking in new places for answers. maybe i was looking in the wrong places for the answers to my prayers.

    i did, and i started seeing ways god was giving fulfillment thro’ that job and in other ways in my life as well…just as you are!

    things did change over the next few years…in a variety of ways. i was able to cut back to part time and wasn’t nearly as tired, aspects of the job changed, and now we are retired and even have moved.

    part of my problem was that feelling that life would be that way forever. of course it wasn’t. lots of things changed.



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