The Journey, not the Destination


If you read this post, you know that I attended the She Speaks Conference in July in Charlotte. I met many talented writers and speakers, and each person had her own fascinating reason for attending.

From the first day I heard about the conference, I saw God making a way for me to go. To attend this for 4 days cost more money than I had to spend. It is no coincidence that I had just enough airline miles left for a ticket to Charlotte, and just enough hotel points for 3 nights. I imagined God, who had this planned many years ago when I was traveling a lot for work….”Yes, girlie, you are sick of airports and hotels and silly fellow travelers who read your book along with you over your shoulder, and sing drunken country songs in the seat next to you, but be patient because 6 years from now, you will use these points when I call you to a special opportunity.”

Isn’t it awesome to know God had it planned out all along?

The best part of the conference for me was having appointments with two publishers. It is not easy to make this happen on your own, so I took full advantage because I think I have a book or two in me.  Both publishers were encouraging and positive in their comments. Both of them gave me next steps to follow if I wish. Both of them told me to start building a following of people who will enjoy and benefit from what I have to offer.

No doubt, I went to the publisher appointments secretly hoping for one of them to declare I am the next hot writer and offer me a contract right there. And later, when I talked to God about it, He gave me total peace about my lack of contract.

You see, I am type A and task oriented all the way. God knows I could sit down and write a book pretty easily, but that is not His plan for me. He wants me to take a journey out of my introverted, happy to be at home alone for days, personality. He wants me to enjoy the journey to the destination. So, I will teach. I will share. I will meet lots of women on my blog, and theirs. I will learn things. I will build relationship, both with Him and you. Even though I was ready for that contract, He was not.

I really hope you will join me on the journey. I don’t know where it will go or how long it will take. But, I do know I need company and He has things for us to learn.

Knock on the door (Matthew 7:7),


14 thoughts on “The Journey, not the Destination

  1. I love how God made a way for those of us who needed to be at this conference. I just heard of She Speaks last year and I knew I HAD to go! I didn’t know how I could possibly afford it though. But God made it happen and it was such a miracle!
    I’m with you on this journey! Some days I have no clue where I am going 🙂 but it’s just one step at a time. Enjoying the journey because that’s what a full life is all about.


    • Darcy, hahaha, only time and God will tell! Now I know that even if I am just writing lessons for my own small group, I am contributing. Thanks for visiting and reading!


  2. I love how God was lining things up so long ago. And drunken country songs while traveling? That sounds like quite a way to travel!

    I’m so glad that God gave you peace even though you didn’t quite get the answer you would have loved. I received the “no, not right now” from one publisher but left feeling encouraged that I’m on the right track.

    Keep it up! God has good plans for all of us!


    • Hi Gina, that trip to Atlanta was quite an experience. The flight attendants actually hid.

      Thanks for the encouraging words, and am glad to hear you left the conference encouraged!


  3. That is so amazing how God lined things up to fall into place perfectly so you could attend. I, too, am spending more time in the dark room. I know that God’s plans are far better than anything we can imagine. Thanks for sharing. Great wisdom and insights.


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