I Need a Brain Boost, You Too?


  I have not seen anyone really do this, but we each have little ways to help us remember. What is yours? Note on the calendar? Sticky note? Send yourself an email? It’s possible that I need all three….and then some. Sometimes it feels like my brain is on overload and I just can’t remember everything. I envy those of you who can memorize verses and tell me months later what you learned in your study. My brain functions like it has a hole in it.  A long time ago, I started making visual reminders of my Bible studies. If I want to remember a particular verse or idea from a study, I work in my visual journal, make a piece of jewelry, or some other small arty reminder that I can wear or display. When I see it, my memory is triggered. Join me on my quest to make art from the Word. We’ll create art that will spark a memory of a chapter, verse, or story, and the way we can apply it to our lives. 

Honor one another above yourselves (Romans 12:10),